The Porch


Today I'm guest-posting over on Vanessa's blog as part of her "Porch" series.  Want to know what I'm chatting about?  Go check it out!


  1. Cute photo!

  2. Anonymous12.6.13

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  3. I read this post and had to comment for two reasons:
    1. I also don't really talk about sewing in real life! In fact, I just talked to my best friend on the phone and she happened to check my blog and brought up sewing - but even with my best friend, I rarely talk about sewing! I guess I don't really know anyone in real life who's into it like me, so it just feels kind of blah-blah-blah. :)

    2. We got rid of everything we owned baby related (and I mean everything)... and then decided to have another baby! When we chose to adopt our third child, we were pretty sure that we would grow our family through adoption rather than biologically, in fact we were about *thisclose* to closing that door for good. Things changed in Ethiopia and we decided not to adopt again and instead have a bio baby. And really, it was no big deal to have to start again. I got nearly everything thrifted or on ebay and it was kind of fun to do it that way (and relatively inexpensive, too!). :)

  4. Anonymous16.6.13

    This was such a great post on Vanessa's blog! Thoughtful, funny, and so true. We're due with number 2 in a few months. We always planned on two kids (and our tiny house will definitely not fit a third) but now I really understand why people have more.


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