Me Made May: Days 24 Through 31


Me Made May - Day 24

Day 24: After many, many days of repeats I feel as if this new little Scout Tee is a breath of fresh air - bright orange, fresh air.

Me Made May - Day 25

Day 25: In an attempt to mix it up I broke into my me-made items that don't get worn very often.  First up is this Sew Liberated Schoolhouse Tunic.  Great pattern, cute fabric, blah garment.  Unfortunately I only realized after sewing it all up that this just isn't a style that I wear very often - mostly because it's not particularly flattering on me.  So sadly this little garment sits in my closet most of the year although I do plan to break it out as a bathing cover this summer.  Perhaps I'll find a use for it yet. 

Me Made May - Day 26

Day 26: There's been a run of cold, rainy, and miserable weather around here which, on the one hand, sucks because, you know, it's cold and miserable.  But on the other hand it's great because it gives me yet another opportunity to wear my glorified sweatshirt.  

Me Made May - Day 27

Day 27: Once upon a time I loved this top and wore it often but I now I just feel blah about it.  I'm not sure if the elastic stretched out or if it always looked this way, but it just seems sort of shapeless now and not flattering in the least.  On the upside though, it remains ridiculously comfortable and is perfect for eating ginormous Thanksgiving meals.

Day 28: Back to the self-drafted tee.  I'm beginning to think that I need to make another one.

Day 29: A new shirt (!) based off of the Alma pattern by Sewaholic.  I need to get around to blogging about this little sucker.

Day 30: Otherwise known as "The day that non-pregnant Carolyn wore her pregnancy clothes to work" since I made this little pencil skirt back when I was pregnant with C.  Truth be told, I still wear a lot of my maternity clothes.  In fact, I often wear my maternity leggings to bed at night.  That's right - Ben is a lucky man.

Day 31: Finishing Me Made May not only with double me-mades but also with double-orange because in addition to wearing this me-made bike jersey on my way to work, I changed into this me-made shirt once I got there.  Going out with a bang, people!

And with this Me Made May is done!  If I were a more thoughtful person I would have something deep and meaningful to share with you about this experience, but truth be told, I'm just pooped and I can barely muster up one sentence.  So if there's just one thing that I'd like to say about Me Made May it's this - the group of women in the Me Made May flicker group are some of the most of kind and supportive people that I have ever encountered on the internet and if you're thinking of participating in a Me Made event in the future, do it.  You won't be disappointed.


  1. congratulations! hopefully i'll be able to participate next year.

  2. Wow, super impressive Carolyn! :-)

  3. All beautiful garments!

  4. Definitely impressive! I can only dream of a year when I might be able to wear me-mades every day for a month! I usually only have two or three pieces total (note: must sew more for myself!). You look fantastic, and what a great way to look at what you've sewn, figure out what works, what doesn't, and fine-tune your to-sew list!

  5. Anonymous6.6.13

    This is such an inspiration! I'll have to bookmark some of these patterns and ideas for post-pregnancy!

  6. Your collage is so colorful! Okay, you've convinced me. I'm joining in next year. ;-)

  7. wow, this is so amazing! you are incredible! i hardly do any sewing for myself mostly because when I used to, I never really wore the stuff I made. i really appreciated your honesty about the clothes you made. i have to admit, i think the schoolhouse tunic looks cute on so many people, but it wouldn't look good on me personally. i guess *on me* i feel it would look maternity-ish. it really does look fab on you, though. all of this sewing - you are a rockstar!!!


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