PJs That Will Fit My Child Sometime Around 2013

I would just like to say that the fact that this top is even sewn together is a miracle in itself because I swear that only about a quarter of my brain was working while I was putting this shirt together.  I read the instructions...and read them again...and then read them again...and in the end I just did what sort of seemed right.  I'm pretty sure that this top gave me a massive headache but I think it turned out okay.  And for the record - the leggings did not give me a headache.  Those little suckers are easy-peasy to sew together.

Unfortunately, after spending all that time sewing these little pjs they turned out to be huge on O.  She turns three in two months so I figured that the 3T would be a good choice, but I definitely should have gone with a 2T.  As it is now, the top of the shirt hangs off of her shoulders a la Flash Dance.  It's not quite the look that I was going for so we'll probably be saying farewell to these little pjs for a while.  Oh well.  I guess she'll be all set when 2013 rolls around.

Pattern: Sleeping Johns and Cross Over Top from Growing Up Sew Liberated
Fabric: Cotton interlock and ribbing from Joanns
Size: 3 (but if I were a smarter woman I would have sewn a size 2)


  1. You are just that more amazing for "planning ahead"! {wink}

  2. Thanks, I have "What a Feeling" in my head now.
    These look great anyway. And better too big than too small. But, bummer they are not useful right now when you need them :(

  3. Too big is way better than too small. You will be so happy when you have a pair of mama made pjs already to go. It wil free you up for some super cute new baby sewing! I love that star print, my Joann's sucks!

  4. But they still look GREAT and kids do have that bad habit of growing extraordinarily quickly, so she'll be in them in no time and you'll be giving yourself a pat on the back for your forward planning.

  5. i have always had the motto of bigger is better! ;)

  6. just send them to my 3 year old and we'll send them back when you're ready.

  7. I made these PJs in 2T when Joe was solidly in 2T RTW (and I think boy's clothes run bigger than girl's clothes), and the top was HUGE. But he has grown into it since (now that he's 3T). Anyway, yeah, the patterns in this book run a bit big, I find, even for my chunky little boy. Those PJs are adorable, and they will get plenty of use in 2013!

  8. Sure, it's always good to plan ahead... ;o)

  9. They are so cute! I recently made some pj pants and want to make that top to complete them. I haven't had the best luck with knit tops and knowing you're a MUCH better sewist than I, I'm re-thinking my plans here. :) And can I just say how thoroughly impressed I am with your ability to whip out so many sewing projects while pregnant, mama of a toddler and you work? Insanity.

  10. Layla27.3.12

    yeah I definitely found this pattern to run big (still love it though) - my guy swims in the top too, even though I sewed the 4T for my 5 year old. But your PJs look great an she can wear them for a long time :) hope you're still loving knits!


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