A Hair Stylist I Am Not


After two years and nine months we finally decided to give O a proper haircut - and by "proper" I mean that I just cut it in our bathroom.

And I'll let you in on a little secret - I've never cut hair before and had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

Perhaps that explains this look of fear on O's face.

Or this look of total exasperation with the never-ending haircut.

Poor child.


  1. she has the most expressive face. you look like a natural with those scissors in your hand!

  2. What? No end result photos?

    I am scared to death of cutting my children's hair. I cringe every time I pay someone else $14 to do it, but then I think about doing it myself and fork it over. Go you!

  3. I love that your belly photobombed that second picture. :) O is the cutest!

  4. Ah, she has some great curls which I find are fairly forgiving of home haircuts! (My kids have never had anything but home haircuts.) And look at those cute undies :)

  5. You should have contacted me! Once a hairdresser always a hairdresser! :-) Seriously, let me know if you need any advice...

  6. Lol, poor child. My mum always trimmed my hair too. Right enough I think she left it a few years, I think the curls scared her ;o)

  7. Team O (2 yr 9 mo): potty trained and first haircut.
    Team V (2 yr 7 mo): not potty trained and no first haircut.

    Grumble grumble from the losing team V. This isn't looking good.


  8. Her expressions are just killing me!! You'd think she was too young to be skeptical and worried about haircuts, but apparently not!


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