To Be Thankful


Is is just me or do I look like a cray woman in this picture?

While I certainly try to be thankful throughout the year, there's nothing like a day with the word "thanks" in it to remind you to stop, breathe, and appreciate all that you have.

To give thanks for my family, who inevitably make me laugh, even when I'm having the most miserable of days.
To give thanks for my child "on the outside," who reminds me daily that wonders can be seen in things both large and small.
To give thanks for my child "on the inside," who reminds me of her presence with little thumps throughout the day.  Oh, how I've missed those little thumps.
To give thanks for my husband, who has truly been a fantastic partner throughout our relationship.

But let's not forget all those silly things that make me incredibly happy as well.

These little knobs on our new desk (oh, how I love cute little knobs).
This granola (thank you, Cory, for introducing me to the wonders of Heidi Swanson).
Our new bookshelves (already filled to the brim with crap, because that's how we roll, people).
Couch cushions that were recently vacuumed by my husband (who came up with this idea all on his own).
And four consecutive days off of work.  Yahoo!


  1. Oh, cute knobs! And cute pic of you & O :)
    Thanksgiving is a lovely tradition... but I think Australians are generally too lazy and disinclined to heartwarming emotional displays for it to catch on... well I should just speak for myself ;P
    Have a lovely break.

  2. You look cute and happy in that pic! I am thankful for a lot, including you! Happy thanksgiving to you and yours, enjoy your time off!

  3. Have a lovely day, and enjoy your time off work :o)

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Carolyn! I agree about the days off!!

  5. good list. that granola made my mouth water! the pic of you and o is great! so happy!

  6. So happy you are loving HS. She does rock, does she not? Her cookbooks would be a good present for you for xmas, eh?
    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and happy for you that you vacuumed the couch cushions. Or rather, that your husband did. I love when those men decide to clean.


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