Vogue 3830 - The Original

In the off chance that your curiosity was piqued by my shirt version, here's the original dress that I made from Vogue 8380 many, many years ago. The main fabric is some gray and yellow Amy Butler polka dot fabric and the contrasting fabric is just some 100 percent yellow cotton fabric that I picked up at Joanns.

The waist band on this sucker is a wee bit snug (as in I must breathe in very deeply in order to zip it up), but once it's zipped all is well.

And hurray for sunny weather so that I can actually break out a sundress!


  1. Isn't it wonderful to have sun again! This is so cheery and perfect for summer.

  2. I like your dress; really cute!

  3. Such a cute dress! And I love love those polka dots!

  4. Super cute, I have to get that pattern!

  5. cute cute cute. i am thinking of starting to make myself some shorts. will you be my virtual garment sewing question answerer? i am a bit nervous.

  6. Looks lovely--I think the inset has to be tight in order to look good. I just made a maxi-dress version (partially inspired by your AMH maxi dress, actually!) that I wore on vacation and wish I'd made it a little snugger through the inset.


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