Who Had The Hardest Time Sleeping Last Night?


I'm pretty sure it was me. I found myself waking up with every whimper and thump that I heard, only to not be able to fall back asleep again. At one point I decided to go check on O in an attempt to appease my anxiety. When I went in her room I found her laying on the floor - which meant that at some point she had rolled off of the bed and which meant that I was now going to spend the rest of the night worrying about her falling off of the bed again. Needless to say, O was a bit of a grump today and I was sporting some awesome under-eye concealer.

Here's to another attempt at a good night's sleep...


  1. O is a thumb sucker! my sara is a thumb sucker too and it has been a bitch trying to break her of it. if i had known what a nightmare it was going to be i would have wrapped her hands for as long as it took to get her to stop when she was 3 months old. ahhhh..... i just might give up and start saving for her braces now!

  2. Hope you get a better night tonight!

  3. Oh my - the first few nights in the big bed were definitely sleepless for us too. I hope last night went better :) Worse comes to worse, you can use a bolster pillow on the edge of the bed to keep her from falling off - we wound up doing that for a while, and it seemed to help. :)

  4. Hey, I just applaud you for not having her in YOUR bed. That is where our girls still spend at least half the night. ; )


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