A Birthday Dress Fit For A Two Year Old


Every girl needs a birthday dress…well, perhaps not every girl, but my girl definitely does.

Last year she had this one...

...made from Simplicity 5695 and some fabric purchased at Joann's.

This year I was determined to make a different pattern and a different dress, but well, let's just say that didn't happen.  I'm going to blame my unplanned detour on this shirt (because why take responsibility for something when you can just blame it on someone else?).  You see, it turns out I had just enough fabric left over after making the shirt to make a toddler dress and since the fabric is incredibly soft and lovely I figured that it would make the perfect birthday dress.  I found a McCalls pattern that I liked and was all ready to go, when I glanced over at Simplicity 5695 one last time and it hit me - if I were to make Simplicity 5695 in this fabric for O we would have quasi-matching outfits.

Small folded-over ribbon sewn in the back
for a tag...a much better solution than the black
Sharpie dot that I used in the past to indicate the back
(yeah, I know, I'm classy)

Um, have I told you about my secret desire to have mother and daughter matching outfits?  Because I totally do.

And with that thought O's birthday dress's fate was sealed. 

(Don't worry...I'm planning on setting aside some money for all the counseling she'll need to get over the fact that her mother made her wear matching outfits)


  1. Adorable! I love it!

  2. don't worry... i am planning on making myself a skirt with the leftover fabric i have from sara's easter dress. i too have the same need to have matching mother daughter outfits. ;)

  3. No counseling needed at this age. It's when she's 14 and you do this. The dress looks great! The top is great.

  4. Who cares if they are matching when they are both so darn cute!

  5. I love it! I think the matching rules!

  6. Ah ha ha! At least it wasn't matching nylon track suits!

    Seriously cute dress!

  7. kate3.5.11

    I bet she LOVES that you have matching outfits!! That is so special; you both look adorable!


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