Not So Badass Anymore


This weekend I stopped by a local fabric store and spent way too much time looking through bolts of fabric. When surrounded by thousands of yards of fabric my indecisive nature tends to take over, but fortunately the little one was fast asleep in the car...and I'm pretty sure that the big one (otherwise known as my husband) was also taking advantage of the time to grab a quick nap.

In defense of my indecisiveness, I would like to point out that I was at the store to pick out fabric for a quilt for a baby who's sex is currently unknown and I've learned over the past several weeks that while I may have fairly liberal views on what is "girl fabric" and what is "boy fabric" apparently not everybody feels similarly (gasp!).  I'm pretty sure that being limited to "gender neutral" fabric slowed down my already glacial process of picking fabrics and in the end I decided to just go with a mix of blues and greens (which I'm sure scream "BOY" to some people, but apparently not to me). 

When I got home I decided to throw caution to the wind and I cut up the fabric without pre-washing it.  While it's been beat into my head to always pre-wash fabric, I realized that you all out there in blogging land don't always do it and your quilts end up looking lovely...and if it's good enough for you, it's good enough for me.  Plus, I loathe ironing the fabrics after washing them, so this was really a win-win situation. 

So off I went...cutting the fabrics up and sewing them back together.  I was loving it.  Every spare second I had this weekend I spent running down to the basement to sew a little block together.  In fact, I was loving it so much that I even decided to square-up all the blocks (something that my lazy butt almost never does!)

Before I knew it the whole quilt top was done and I sat back and thought to myself "man, I am one badass quilter." 

That is, until this guy came along and asked me "is that part supposed to be like that?"

Please note the slightly frightened look on his face
as he realizes that he just pointed out a mistake
 That's right.  He found a mistake (left side, right in the middle).  Ughh!  So much for being a badass.

So now rather than continuing to congratulate myself, I'm spending my time ripping the quilt top apart.



  1. I love the way this quilt it turning out! Those colors go great together. I would have never thought that was a mistake, just a random spot with more colored borders, but I know how it feels to have it not how you planned. Oh well ... seam ripping is a nice project to work on while watching TV.

  2. Ahh, your husband would be good friends with my husband, I suspect, if they ever met. My husband has a knack for doing things like that, too - or just in general asking me questions where it sounds like he thinks he's the badass quilter in the family. Good luck fixing your quilt top, I think it looks great so far!

  3. BTW, I nominated you for a little award on my blog - hop on over and check it out :)

  4. Awww, I didn't even notice except that you pointed it out! I love it though.

  5. Ok, I love his "oops" expression. It is looking awesome right now. Mistake and all.


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