Sewing - My Frenemy


Sewing and I don't always get along.

Six months ago I ran over my finger with the rotary cutter. 
I cannot even begin to tell you how disgusting that was (and how much I screamed when it happened).  Honestly, it didn't hurt that much but the sight of the blood that WOULD NOT STOP COMING kind of freaked me out. 

On a far less gruesome note, four months ago I ran over a straight pin with my serger blade.  I had always heard that this was a no-no, but I thought that real damage would only be done after repeatedly making this mistake.  I've come to the conclusion though that apparently one time is enough.  Ever since running over that tiny little pin my serger has not worked the same.  I've fiddled with the dials thinking that perhaps the tension was off, but recently when I tried to serge something the blade didn't cut any of the fabric off and instead just folded it over and made a hideous looking edge.  It's time to accept that I need to break out the manual and learn how to replace the blades.  Damn that pin!

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