At Last


This is a bit embarrassing but it's taken me one year to put the buttonholes and buttons on this little coat (that's right - one year, twelve months, three hundred and sixty-five long days!).

The good news though is that I finally got it done and it still fits her...whew!  It's probably a good thing that it was big on her in the first place.

But let's give credit where credit is due...the pattern is the Little Uptown Girl jacket pattern by Make It Perfect (I bought mine from Sew Baby).  It's designed to be made with two cotton fabrics so that the coat is reversible, but I'm all about practicality so I lined mine with fleece to make it warmer.

The pattern is clear, well-written, and amazingly simple to put together.  I'm thinking about making another one with water proof fabric on the outside so that she can wear it as a raincoat.

(Do you think I should make the next one to fit a 3 year old in case it takes me another year to sew the buttons on?)

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  1. It's so darling! I love the print. It's soft and modern and just lovely. And I have my own stack of unfinished projects that also need just the smallest of details to be finished. I don't know what makes it so difficult to finish things sometimes?


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