A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That


That’s about all that I get done now a days…two round of knitting…five minutes of sewing…time to put new thread in the machine…crap, time’s up.  It does not make for quick progress on anything and it’s sort of killed my desire to work on anything even a little bit complicated.  It sure has boosted my love of quick and dirty projects though.  Like little baby pants.

Behold my creations.

business in the front
party in the back
somebody should really be switching
to light beer

I whipped two of these up this weekend.  Of course five minutes after I put them on her, Baby O rubbed strawberries into them.  Ungrateful child! 

And while word on the street is that you can easily make baby pants without a pattern, my lazy butt used this one.
McCalls 5739
Why is it that everything looks so hideous in pattern pictures?

I also started another baby sweater…and then promptly messed it up.  Ughh.

And I was able to thread the sewing machine for my lovely husband who seems to have developed an obsession with biking "knickers” (or shants....or manpris...).  He's decided that he is going to alter many pairs of pants into the most awesome biking knickers ever.  

Behold his creation.

we apparently have a pocket
obsession in this house

Kind of badass for someone who never sews.  Honestly, I’m afraid that he’s going to do this to all his pants and he'll be left wearing knickers to work.

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