September Tunic


I have to admit that I rarely buy clothes for my kids.  Not because I'm some sewing badass that has handmade their entire wardrobe but because we have been the lucky recipients of many hand-me-downs from family and friends.  And because I rarely purchase any clothes for my kids there's not a whole lot of though about how I would like my to dress my them, but in case you were ever wondering,  this is how I would like to dress my kids.

Comfy but cool.  Stylish but still age appropriate.  Unique but something that she won't refuse to wear (because girlfriend's definitely got some opinions when it comes to what she will and won't wear).

The top is the September Tunic (that can also be made into a dress) and it's currently available as part of the Perfect Pattern Parcel.  The fabric is a swiss dot fabric that is leftover from my most recent Tova Top.  Based on the pattern recommendations I made a straight size five for my almost five year old and the fit seems to be right on.  The front has a pretty high neckline and as I was making it I wondered if that would drive her crazy but I'm happy to report that it doesn't seem to bother her at all.

The pattern calls for binding to finish the neckline but since I'm not a big fan of store-bought binding I ended up using some leftover binding from this project.  I find making binding to be kind of a pain in the butt so I always try to keep leftovers in the hope that I can avoid making binding for some other project.  The pattern construction is pretty straight forward so there are no real surprises in putting it together.  The pattern recommends finishing the hems with a blind hem and considering how I spoke of my love of blind hems just the other day you might find it ironic that I just finished all the hems on this top with top stitching.  I figured that there was already some top stitching down the back for the button plackets so some additional top stitching would fit in perfectly.  Oh yeah, the button plackets.

Bam!  Look at that!  Buttons down the back!  I love that detail!

And I love the look of yellow and green together. 

And I love O in this shirt.

So much love, so little time.

Perfect Pattern Parcel #2

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  1. argh! you are making me want to buy these patterns but I already have 2 of them and the pants only go to size 6.

  2. One suitably happy camper there!

  3. I love it!! This is such a great shape - great cut. I love it. It looks great in practically any fabric. (I had the same thought as you and might carve out the neckline a bit more next time. Also, I use vintage bias tape, and it's so much softer and thinner than storebought and usually 100% cotton. I usually get it in lots on ebay. And like you, I always save any bias strips I cut for another project.)

    1. Such great tips, Inder! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. such a fabulous top! that is totally how i want to dress my kids, too, but sadly not quite how ingrid wants to be dressed these days. sigh.

  5. I love this - and your photos - so much. SO much, in fact, that I've had a change of plans and now plan to make this tunic for Indigo instead of Iris. I showed your photos to Indigo yesterday and she loved them - and the top (obviously!). It's so awesome! :)

  6. oh SO cute! love O's faces and love that, theoretically, you guys could be matching twins in your green tops. DO IT. :D

  7. So much to love here! that's how I'd dress kids too, in fact, if I had the legs for leggings it's how I'd want to dress as well.


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